The Band

Described as a Latin-swing-coup-d’état by a guy who was clearly out of his mind.

Baldo Verdú y su Tonto Malembe is in fact a London-based association of five musicians whose enthusiasm around certain political issues was not —and is currently not being— precisely well received by their governments. Established in 2014, this Breakfast Club of Exiles —as it was also called once or twice— consists of three Venezuelans (Olbrich, Rojas and Verdú), a South African (Bailey) and an English (Goymour). It is leaded by its founder Baldo Verdú, who besides of being execrated from the Christmas gift list of quite a bunch of government personalities, also happens to be a songwriter, guitarist and percussionist with life-long experience among Venezuelan traditional rhythms as well as in genres as diverse as rock, funk and tropicália. These influences combined with the different musical backgrounds of each member of the group, all agglutinated by the notes of psychedelia, result in a sound that has been steady-growing an approval among the audiences mostly as a dance floor fire igniter and also sometimes as a mass-provoking discourse. es venezolanos (Arriaga, Olbrich y Verdú), un surafricano (Bailey) y un inglés (Goymour). Es liderada por su fundador Baldo Verdú, quien aparte de estar execrado de la lista de regalos navideños de no pocas figuras de poder, por cosas de la vida es también cantautor, guitarrista y percusionista con amplia experiencia en los ritmos tradicionales venezolanos, así como en géneros tan diversos como rock, funk y tropicália.

The Guys

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Joel Rojas

“Rebelde de Apartamento”
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Keenan Bailey

“Malandro e’ Juguete”
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Manfred Olbrich

“Muñeco e’ Torta”
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Marc Goymour

“London Connection”
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Baldo Verdú

“Ken de Barlovia”

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